City Choir Dunedin

City Choir Dunedin Biography August 2020

Originating in 1863 and the second oldest choral society in New Zealand, City Choir Dunedin has played a significant role in the rich cultural life of the city. Under the direction of David Burchell, Musical Director since 2000, the choir performs a wide range of music from baroque to contemporary compositions to a very high standard.

The Choir greatly values performing regularly with the Dunedin Symphony Orchestra, as well as occasional collaborations with other groups such as the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, Dunedin Youth Orchestra, St Kilda Brass and other choirs such as Auckland Choral and Christchurch City Choir. City Choir Dunedin enjoys representing the city at large public events. For more information visit

The choir members appreciate the convenience and suitability of the Mornington Presbyterian Community Centre as our weekly rehearsal space.