The Euthanasia Referendum

Euthanasia is a complex and emotive issue. People on both sides of the debate feel strongly about it.

It is the view of this church that euthanasia is morally wrong, and that this Bill has insufficient safeguards. You can read our submission to the Justice Select Committee.

Any material included here that advocates for euthanasia is included simply for your understanding, not because we are neutral on this issue.

The Final Choice by Caralise Trayes

Be informed before you vote.

Caralyse is a journalist who has investigated the truth around assisted dying and the End Of Life Choice Act.

At all good bookshops or order here.

Understanding Euthanasia

Understanding what euthanasia is, and the ethical question around it, is important for us to have an informed vote.

Read information on these more general issues.

Understanding The End Of Life Choice Act

N.B. The End Of Life Choice Act has been passed by our parliament but on the condition of a binding referendum. It's future is in our hands. We must be informed.


Opposing Euthanasia

Care Alliance

See the whole playlist of New Zealanders speaking up against euthanasia.

See also Claire Freeman's blog

Defend New Zealand

Euthanasia-Free NZ

Reject Assisted Suicide

Note these resources in particular:

Nathaniel Centre


There are plenty more videos on this site.

to see how much you know about the legislation.

Risky Law

The group behind this is made up of 22 members who are professionally qualified in medicine, hospice and palliative care, nursing, law, disability, ethics, advocacy, and social policy. This organisation is not aligned to other religious, civic or professional organisations.

Not Dead Yet

Opposition From Professional Groups

Christian Opposition

Other websites

Lawyers For Vulnerable New Zealanders