2020 General Election

As a church we do not endorse any individual candidate or political party. We will, however, provide material that helps votes understand the issues and the candidates and parties.

What are the issues this election? What are the various parties' policies? What issues will Christians be concerned about? How have the current MPs voted?

The Referenda

Alongside the general election, votes will be asked to vote on these two important issues.

Which party best aligns with your values? Use the TVNZ Vote Compass

Information about enrolling, voting etc.

Electoral Commission site

General information. Enrolling. Find your electorate. How to vote. The parties and the candidates. Working at the election. etc.

There is also information about the referenda.

Electoral Commission site

"A guided tour of the New Zealand electoral system." Our system, of government. What happens in elections. Etc.

NZ Curriculum Online

Teaching resources about the general election.

Media sites with election-related news

The Parties' Official Sites

Opinion Polls