Becoming Part Of MPC

This church likes to think of itself as a family where we know each other. If you are, or would like to be a part of this family, we would appreciate some information that will enable us to get to know you, and to include you within our ministry.

The Privacy Act requires that you know what information is held, and why, and that we have your permission before we store any personal information. Please read this page, and if you are willing, fill out the form, and respond to the email you will receive.

What Information Is Held?

See the form. We also keep information about what aspects of the church you are involved in.

How Is It Stored?

It is held on the church computers. It will not be given to any other organisation.

Can You have Access To It?

Sure. Just ask. In fact, we would appreciate any incorrect details being corrected.

Who Else Has Access To It? And, What Is It Used For?

The information is used for church purposes only. It will not be given to anyone outside the church. Within the church, it is used by the Minister and Administrator for keeping in contact with people and being able to run the parish effectively. It may also be used by the Elders and the Small Groups and Ministry Teams for their pastoral care and outreach, where this information helps them to carry out their jobs more effectively. If you approve, you will also be included in the church phonebook.

Is It Compulsory To Give All This Information?

No. You can give us as much, or as little, as you like. However, it is far more helpful to us if we do have as much information as possible.

The personal details form.