Contributing To Worship

We very much want to include more people in our Sunday online events. Because they are pre-recorded, that means having video (or audio that we could put behind a graphic). We would really like to know who is both able and willing to do that. If you are, please contact any of the staff.

We would love to include:

  • Bible readings
  • Prayers
  • A favourite verse and why it is a favourite
  • A favourite song and why it is
  • A recent experience of God
  • A book you are reading and recommend
  • A message of encouragement to others in your church family
  • You introducing the songs
  • An update on your area of ministry. What is happening?

We cannot guarantee to use everything. It would be extra helpful if:

  • some things we will ask for e.g. the Bible reading for the day.
    • But it would be great to receive other things that you have been inspired to do
  • your videos are of reasonable quality, especially the sound quality
    • We don't expect professional quality. This is about us being us with our church family. But you do need to be audible etc.
    • There are some tips below.
  • You are helping people to trust and follow Jesus
  • your video is quite brief e.g. 2 minutes

If you are leading worship

  • Leading will mean choosing the songs and videoing an introduction.
  • Not every song needs an introduction. We can just play the song.
  • If you do video an introduction, make it quite brief.
  • Please choose from this list of songs.

How to video yourself

You can video yourself

  • on your phone
  • on your computer
  • start Zoom and press record or join a Zoom meeting with one of the staff who can record it.

(We can add more instructions if they are needed e.g. how to video yourself on your phone.)

How to get the video to Peter

Peter needs the videos by midday, Friday. What you can do might depend on the size of the file but some of the options are:

  • attach it to an email
  • save it to some online storage (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox) and share it with Peter.
  • use a large file transfer site (e.g. )

Tips for videoing yourself

Remember too, if you are using your phone, to have it in landscape mode i.e. sideways.

Also, have a few second of extra footage of you looking at the camera at the beginning and end, after you have started the videoing and before you stop it so that we don't have to use footage of you reaching for your phone and squinting at it.